Women's Imaging

Women visiting the ODC are afforded a separate, private “enclave” within the larger facility. This aesthetically pleasing retreat offers excellent privacy, gentle care and plush heated robes in order to make your short stay with us as comfortable as possible.

For women, medical imaging has become a routine part of life. When we’re young, it can mean prenatal imaging to monitor a pregnancy. As we age, we require yearly mammograms to remain proactive about our breast health. In our 50s and beyond, we routinely monitor our bone density to screen for osteoporosis.

You have a choice as to where to have these tests performed. All things being equal, wouldn’t you rather visit a center that respects your time and values you as a customer?

Tests include digital mammography, breast MRI, breast ultrasound, image-guided biopsy, bone densitometry testing and genetic counseling/testing. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, and our radiology interpretation skills are second to none.

Our dedicated women’s center is designed to be a place where women can feel comfortable returning again and again.

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